Whale Fest in Brighton 2015

Michaela Strachan holding Orna painted Amaya's whale tail

Me and 55 other artist joined WhaleFest by painting 56 Whale tails that where auctioned out to raise money for a campaign to keep whales and dolphins wild and free.
Each of the 56 tails painted represented a whale in captivity. I have painted fishes for Amaya the only baby whale in captivity in hope for her to swim free in the ocean among the fish.

In the wild Amaya would spend her entire life with or very near her mother, Kalia and as her genealogy is 93.75% Icelandic and only 6.25% Southern Resident her wild spirit would be in the North Atlantic and Arctic oceans between Iceland and Spitsbergen – realm of the ice and polar bears. Here orcas hunt seals in the ice flows, listen to the cracking ice during the spring melt and taste ocean water clear and clean. They would leap during storms just to catch a breath, and leap when it was calm for the sheer joy of it.

The whale tail I painted was sighed by Michaela Strachan a keen supporter.

Born Free Foundation, the World Cetacean Alliance and thire Partners Worldwide seek a dolphinaria-free world and encourage people to enjoy these magnificent animals in their ocean home.

For more information visit Whale Fast and the World Cetacean Alliance

Whale tails in BrightonWhale tail