Rottingdean Writers Group meets the Chalk Gallery Artists

The Chalk gallery artist have created an exhibition inspiered by Charleston house and garden. They have then teamed with the Rottingdean Writers Group whoa have each chosen an artist to write a poem inspiered by their artwork.

I was lucky to have Rob Nisbet who has writen a beautiful poem capturing the esence of my work.

charleston exhibition by Chalk gallery artist


Outside / Inside

Tasselled fronds,a living blanket
Garnishes the hills
A patchwork tapestry
Sewn with brambles
Birds and beetles
Tangle in its vibrant folds,burrow through pockets
Warp of life
Weft of colour
Woven fresh each morning
Sprouting velvet
Flowering lace

The entire Outside interpreted through the eye

Splintered into one hundred circles
Imitation sun spots adorn each mantel
Shifted red and unnatural blue
Flat and still they dapple doorways
Combine with stars in too geometric constellations.
A rainbow fades,dried into silent panels
Harlequin tiles intend to dazzle
Stained glass strives to shine
An interior hotchpotched from a crusted pallet
Yearns to mimic the splendour of outside

by Rob Nisbet

Charleston exhibition opening at the Chalk gallery

charleston exhibition catalogue

The exhibition will be on untill mid July 2013.