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Featured Artist Orna Schneerson Pascal,
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Orna Schneerson Pascal

25th March to 14th April


A Pattern of Life


In nature, light creates the colour. In the picture, colour creates the light

Hans Hofmann


Orna’s paintings are a complex statement of a pattern of life. They show the renewal and rebirth of nature, not just of the moment but through the revitalization of its existence. They represent  the celebration of life in colour and in design.

ArtOrna tree of life painting 3

Tree of life - the roots express the eternal stability of the tree and new beginnings and opportunities symbolized by the growth and regeneration of nature through branches and roots that reach out.  The background of circles symbolise completion.  The Trees of Life also relates to the concept of the family that has its deep roots and is forever expanding and changing


Cycle of Life - the painting of fish. This depicts a powerful force of nature through the swirl of the fish with their vibrant colours moving round in a circle that relates to the circle of life that forever regenerates itself.

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